Case : GMC Bulldozer R4


- 92mm LED FAN
The red LED fan makes powerful cooling effect and charming outlook with the black chassis body.






- Multi-port & Button
You can check the on/off and HDD action through the blue LED around the power button.
There are some I/O ports, which are audio, microphone and 2 USB ports, Power button, Reset button at the front bottom.



- ODD Eject lever
On the right front panel, there is an eject button.
Simply press the lever down to eject the ODD!



- Unique ODD tray eject
R4 Bulldozer has a worldwide patent for the unique ODD tray up/down eject way.
The way using two spring steel bar, looks like Shock-Absorber of automobile, is evaluated very innovative design.



- Supports up to the longest graphic card
R4 Bulldozer looks small but technically compact, too. It supports Full-ATX main board, large Power supply and 7 PCI slot. There's no problem with Geforce 9800 GTX280 or Radeon HD4870 and makes your PC as a high-end Gaming PC!!



- Detachable HDD bay
R4 Bulldozer includes a detachable HDD bay for the easy assembly. You can detach the bay by removing 2 screws at the side and attach HDD using the screws included.



- Air Filter
An air filter on the front protects the system from the dust coming with cold air.
The cleaning is easy because it is detachable.



- Powerful Cooling PC Case
R4 Bulldozer chassis passed Intel Thermal chassis Test and it is upgraded with extra system cooling structure. For the high-end users who wants to use extra fan, air hole is provided at the bottom and rear side. To remove the heat from CPU and high-end graphic card, R4 supports CAG(Chassis Air Guide) 1.1

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