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World Of Warcraft MMO Mouse : Legendary Edition

SteelSeries brings World of Warcraft players a finely crafted weapon of precision with the SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse: Legendary Edition. Arm yourself with a versatile tool on your journey through Azeroth battling old foes and discovering new adventures. Be bold. Be Legendary.

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-Built for players of all types – be they casual fan or dedicated raider, rookie or guild leader – the Legendary Edition mouse is designed to enhance your game play. Sophisticated software functionality lets you easily customize the mouse to suit your individual play style. -For a game that has become a lifestyle for many, the tools that are used to explore and dominate must be perfectly sized for comfort – especially for long sessions of dungeon crawling or raiding. -Frames Per Second: 3600 Inches Per Second: 130 Counts Per Inch: 3200 Acceleration: 30 G Lift Distance: 2mm -The intuitive drag & drop interface of the SteelSeries software empowers users to: – Program all 11 buttons with more than 130 preset game commands – Create custom macros and/or use the in-game macro scripting language -Plug in your mouse. Start your game. Configure all of your mouse settings from illumination to macros to button assignments directly from the World of Warcraft® interface. -For a game that’s filled with choices and personalization, it’s obvious that the same should be true with how your tools play, look and feel. The World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse: Legendary Edition offers more than 16.8 million color options and 4 levels of pulsation including Low, Medium, High and Off. So there’s sure to be a combination to suit every mood and occasion. -Inspired by the legendary sword Thunderfury, the mouse features an impressive lightening bolt design evoking the power of the Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. The sword is the final reward at the end of a long and difficult journey – and an incredible boon for the dedicated souls who dare to take on the challenge.

Price: 14,950.00 SYP

steelseries 6gv2

The SteelSeries 6Gv2 simply offers an exceptionally high quality mechanical keyboard experience for a price which matches other high end traditional gaming boards

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Do you really need a gaming keyboard? I sure didn’t think I did, right up until I tried a SteelSeries 6Gv2. Gaming demands aside, the 6Gv2 is a great piece of office equipment. It brings back the days when a keyboard was a robust part of the PC suite, not a cheap, plasticy afterthought

Price: 26,900.00 SYP

Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Ghosts Ear Force Shadow

Type: Limited Edition Gaming Headset
Console: PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Mac, PC, & mobile gaming devices

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Premium, 50 mm Speakers – Get crisp highs and thumping lows. Adjustable Bass & Treble Levels – Tune bass and treble levels to add depth and realism. Dynamic Chat Boost – Automatically raises the volume of chat during intense, explosive game situations. Independent Volume Controls – Separate volume controls plus mic mute right on the inline amp to create the perfect mix of game & chat. USB Powered – No AC adapters or batteries ever required.

Price: 17,900.00 SYP

Diablo III T-Shirt (Size Large)

great evil approaches, and the world of Sanctuary knows not the peril that follows Worldstone’s destruction.

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Are you brave enough to challenge the Burning Hells, and take arms against the demons that lie in wait? Arm yourselves well, young adventurers and freshen your spell books… for Diablo,will not be dispatched so easily this time.

Price: 2,700.00 SYP

Diablo III Official Steelseries Mouse

“SteelSeries guarantee the buttons on this mouse for 10 million clicks, 3x more than most mice, and they feel (and sound) lovely to use. There is a real feel of quality to them and have been implemented as Diablo is one of the most click based games around.”

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“The LED lighting adds a nice touch to the overall style but the key experiences have to be the high quality sensor which offers plenty of speed with top notch accuracy and the switches.”

Price: 0.00 SYP

Diablo III Official Logo Mousepad (Steelseries)

This SteelSeries QcK mini features the official logo of Diablo® III, an upcoming dark fantasy action role-playing game by Blizzard Entertainment.

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The SteelSeries QcK mini Diablo® III Logo Edition mousepad has a non-slip rubber base that prevents the pad from slipping when you use it. Also the rubber ensures that you have maximum comfort for your wrist and hand on the pad at all times.

Price: 3,000.00 SYP

Diablo III Official Mousepad BARBARIAN EDITION (Steelseries)

Depicts the might and fury of the Barbarian in Diablo® III.

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High quality cloth with optimized surface ensures smoothness and precision Specially designed non-slip rubber base prevents the pad from sliding.Flawless, steady performance when using both optical and laser mice.

Price: 3,000.00 SYP

Diablo III Official Mousepad Demon Hunter (Steelseries)

This SteelSeries QcK Demon Hunter Edition features the official character artwork of the Demon Hunter,

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a playable class in Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming dark fantasy action role-playing game, Diablo® III. The Demon Hunter combines powerful Shadow Magic, remorseless twin cross-bows, and trap skills to destroy creatures of the Burning Hells.

Price: 3,000.00 SYP

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless controller is comfortable and practical, with amazing wireless capability and solid battery life.

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The Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless controller is quite pricey, even without the optional rechargeable battery accessories. Also, the controller lacks the motion-sensitive innovation of the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 controllers and may stunt creativity in games for the system.

Price: 7,900.00 SYP

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